The last cheese from a limited edition, who was degusted after 13 months, turned the balance for making a sharper semi-hard cheese. After the company Fuchs, which is located in Rorschach, made the consent to add the new cheese to their product range, on February 19th 2003 the first daily production on Chällerhocher cheese was produced. The condition set by the company Fuchs was, that the cheese would carry name and an appropriate label. In November 2003 the first Chällerhocker cheese was placed on the market. While in the beginning one daily delivery of milk per month was used to produce, Chällerhocker production rose from year to year. In 2007 Chällerhocker cheese was presented at the Fancy Food Show in San Francisco, in 2008 we could win the first retailer in Germany, who was willing to market Chällerhocker. Since amounts rose continuously, the volumes of Appenzeller cheese which were assigned by the Sort organisation, could no longer be fulfilled. The cheese dairy Winzenberg had expanded in 2006, the whole production of Appenzeller cheese was transferred to Winzenberg 2014.

Chällerhocker is a semi-hard cheese made of full cream milk. About one half of the milk (evening milk) is heated.


2004: SWISS CHEESE Award, miscellaneous semi-hard cheese in Appenzell

2007: Public’s Choice Award Cheesedays Toggenburg

2010: 4th place World Championships, Wisconsin MI, USA

Product description

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